Work with us

Sahara Development Planners and consultants are keen to contribute to sustainable developments and improved quality of life nationally and regionally. We have staff with expertise and experience in our key service areas including infrastructure (water supply, energy, roads, telecommunication, housing, mining, and industrial developments).

We have successfully supported our clients in permitting processes, land acquisition, compensation and resettlement, baseline environmental and social surveys, Environmental Impact Assessment and certification processes, various statutory permit processes, compliance monitoring, and setting up environmental and social management systems.

At Sahara, we blend local expertise, knowledge, and innovation with global experience from international partners and associates.

We are committed to protecting the environment, cleaner production, corporate governance, integrity, playing a leading role in promoting best practice in the industries we serve, and in promoting a corporate culture in which all employees share this commitment.

We ensure timely and top-notch project deliveries that result in long-term relationships with our clients and partners. We strive to be the best in the markets we serve.

Our staff is exposed to a variety of projects within our service portfolios. We ensure our staff remains current through training, mentoring, and associating with world-class service providers in the sectors we serve.

Sahara Development Planners and consultants have a resource base of Specialists and Associates both local and international service providers in our service provision areas from which expertise is drawn. We are in a position to associate with other consultancy firms or service providers to enhance competencies.